Winery Cats

Who are they, where did they come from, and why do they make us better people.

On a chilly October morning in 2018 we found five little fluffballs in the barn at the bottom of our Estate. We kept an eye out for a mama cat, leaving food, water, and warm blankets for the little guys, but after a few days it became apparent that the mama wasn’t coming back. Our team sprang to action, building a little kitten house complete with a heater! As the kittens got older and more adventurous, we realized it was time to find them a proper home. Two of the kittens went with our founder, Susan, and the other three became our resident orange boys!

The boys, Oscar, Harry and Sebastian, became instant celebrities at the winery! They learned to hunt in the vineyards, rip down papers off bulletin boards in the office, and find guests to get snuggles from on the porches. They even had a first birthday party complete with party hats and shrimp cupcakes (yum!). By their second birthday they were some of the biggest cats you’ve ever seen!

Sadly, one of the cats, Oscar, never came home for breakfast one morning and after a few weeks we all had to make our goodbyes. Fortunately, his brothers, Harry and Sebastian, are two happy and healthy cats, and you couldn’t ask for a better lap warmer. Always ready for their glamour shots, you can find the boys and all their best pics on their Instagram page, @sb.menagerie. If you come to visit you can ask if the cats are about, they are nappy in the afternoons and can usually be found sleeping on someone’s keyboard or curled up in our winemaker’s nap!