Our Favorite Subscriptions!

Does anyone else lament the fact that the only mail we get nowadays are bills, junk mail, grocery flyers? (And the occasional card from Mom, because she’s a saint) While the desire for a welcome arrival from the postman is strong, the sea of subscription services that offer a cure to the variety of ennui are so vast one might feel as if in a dinghy adrift in the Pacific!

Fear not! We have carefully curated a short selection of specialty subscriptions that can help you be better, eat finer, go faster, learn more, and be happier!



5. Caravan Coffee Club

Whether you enjoy sipping a cup of fine French press in the morning or slamming back an oversized-thermos full to get you through the day, coffee is a necessity for most of us. But finding good coffee is often a task that can’t be accomplished in your average grocery store. Caravan Coffee is an Oregon based coffee producer providing magic beans that are sourced, roasted and brewed with intention. They work using a set of standards that benefit the communities that provide the coffee and the community that drinks it. And that coffee is pretty darn phenomenal! When you join the Hand Picked Coffee Club (or HPC) you will receive either 2 or 4 twelve oz coffee bags, half being single origin coffees and half being a blend. You can pick your grind (or whole bean for the coffee connoisseurs) and your coffee will be roasted and shipped on the first Friday of the month to guarantee freshness! 5% of every purchase supports the Bio-Sand Water Filter project in La Plata Colombia. A hot cup of joe never tasted so good!




Do you love trying new products that are beautiful, useful, and mission-driven? Because CAUSEBOX wants to send you only the best socially conscious brands that create ethical and sustainable products such as accessories, apparel, beauty products, wellness products, and artwork with the goal to empower women across the world! Doesn’t sound cool enough? Each season they work directly with different charities to help them achieve a goal, and in the past they have supported Freedom Firm, The Jessie Reese Foundation, Books for Africa, and Speak Your Silence.  To add a cherry on top, joining the quarterly subscription gives you access to their Add-On Market, a members-only curation of over 300 products at up to 70% off. Each box is $54.95, or $199.80 annually, Annual members are able to customize choice items in their boxes. Get the dopamine rush we all love so much but give back a little too.



3. Green Kid Crafts

This one is for the kiddos! Founded by a Scientist-mom, Green Kid Crafts sends a themed box with 4-6 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Activities and a 12-page magazine! Each box a new theme designed to explore their environment, inspire a love of nature, and get away from screens! (Parents could use this too!) With a mix of experiments and art projects, this box promotes learning and practicing creative, developmental skills all while being eco-friendly too! With kits for ages 2-5 and 5-10, this is the perfect monthly surprise for your future brainiac for only $21.91 per month.



2. Sunbasket

There are so many meal kit subscription services these days, but we wanted one that was not only good for our bodies, but good for the planet as well. Sunbasket is a weekly meal kit subscription service that not only uses 100% organic produce, but works to ethically source their proteins as well. Their goal is to eliminate food waste, sending you only the exact amount you need for any given recipe. Even the packaging the meals arrive in is nearly all recyclable and they are working towards getting to 100%! If that wasn’t enough for you, each week, they donate an average of 1,000 pounds of food to multiple local food banks and pantries.  Additionally, their Feed It Forward program sends healthy meals to frontline workers, cancer patients, and those facing food insecurity. But this meal kit won’t just make you feel good emotionally, it will make your insides happy as well! Their meal plans are customizable for nearly all diets, from Paleo and Mediterranean to Gluten free and Vegetarian. Meals run around $14 per serving with optional Chef’s Table add-ons. Simplify dinner time and feel good about it.



1. Subscribe. Save. Sip

What would we be doing making a list about awesome subscriptions is we didn’t include our own magnificent, glittering, superlative wine subscription!

Do you like wine?

Do you like wine being shipped to your house?

Do you want access to cool new wines that you won’t even find in stores?

Then the subscription is right for you!

Choose between 6 bottles for $99 or 12 for $169 and receive three automatic shipments of wine per year. You can choose between reds, whites, or a mix and you’ll get 50% of shipping on all additional wine purchases! With every shipment we will send you a gift to help become just a little more sustainable. Why? Because as a B Corp Certified business we put the planet and people before profit, so we love helping you make better changes too! Putting on pants and going to the store is exhausting. Staying home and letting the wine come to you is easy!