Evolution White Where Luck and Intention Mingle and Carouse.


This lush, tropical blend has flavors of nectarine and citrus, finishes crisp and is loved by an overwhelming majority of those who try it.

9 Varietals
In the beginning...there weren't a whole lot of choices for a really great white blend. Then, through a stroke of luck and/or general intention, nine grapes-Chardonnay and Pinot Gris among them-came together and really liked each other. Together, they produced a wine that was delightful, sublime and just plain yummy. And we called this wine Evolution. Wine lovers loved it. They paired it with spicy Asian, Indian, Mexican and Caribbean foods. Or with a jambalaya. Word spread. And, soon, Evolution Wine was advancing the entire wine universe once bottle at a time. Not long after that, wine drinkers clamored for a red version of Evolution. And, after thirteen years, a worthy blend evolved whose story you can read about here.
If you can't find Evolution Lucky No. 9 at a store near you, we'll deliver it right to your door.

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Food & Wine Magazine, February 2012

"A kitchen-sink mix of nine different grape varieties goes into this spicy white. The winery offers hikes up to its highest block of vines during summer months, with a picnic lunch...a bottle of this white would be just the thing to have along."

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