Evolution Riesling. For the daring wine lover

Food gets better with Evolution.

It’s remarkable what happens when certain foods mingle with Evolution Riesling. Dishes you’ve tried hundreds of times will suddenly taste...better, even extraordinary. The notes of fresh peach, sweet apple and elderflower, along with its bright acidity, not only complement what you’re serving, but take it to a level previously unimaginable.

2017 Evolution Riesling (asset attached)
										Columbia Valley
Since 1435, Riesling has been a favorite among the world’s most knowledgeable wine drinkers. A nectar, of sorts, that can be delicate, charming and exhilarating all at once.

Evolution Riesling is slightly sweet at first, but has a core of acidity that will wake up your taste buds and brighten any day. It can hold its own against spicy Asian food and the most pungent cheeses, while making just about any dessert a thing of incredible beauty. Truly one of the more versatile of all the Evolution wines. Try a bottle. Evolve whatever you’re serving. Repeat.
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