Evolution Chardonnay

Why does everything taste so good?

Evolution Chardonnay brings out the best in whatever you’re serving. It’s radiant and balanced with notes of banana, honeydew and lemon and has a bright acidity. Treat your tastebuds.

2017 Evolution Chardonnay
Chardonnay is the most popular white wine on earth. And for good reason. It’s created in so many styles and flavors, that there’s a chardonnay with your palate on it. Since you’re here perusing the Evolution Wine web site, we hope our Willamette Valley chardonnay might be just the one for you.

It’s a floral and fruit-driven wine with a crisp finish. Not too buttery and definitely not oak-y, it pairs beautifully with curries, Thai food, seafood, salads, chicken and, and, and...

Give it a try, share with a friend, evolve your dining experience.
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